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Registering for Directors Source

Users can search directorship postings and use the resources on the left hand side of the screen without registering. You must register on Directors Source to apply to a directorship posting, enter your resume, or set up a Directors Alert. If you have already registered on CPA Source, you are automatically registered on Directors Source. Simply log in to Directors Source using the same email address and password that you use in CPA Source. If you have not registered on CPA Source, you will need your member number to register. Your member number begins with a capital C, followed by 6 numbers. If you don’t know it, please contact Directors Source at the address above. 

Searching Directorships

To search directorship postings, click on Search Directorship Postings. You can use a keyword search to refine the results or you can click on “Advanced Search” to search by category. 

Start/Stop E-mail Notification of Directorships posted on Directors Source 

Click on Directors Alert to be notified of postings that match the criteria you choose. Choose the type of directorships you are interested in, select the frequency with which you wish to be notified, and then click “Submit”. Click the “Cancel” button to stop the notification service.

Add/Remove your Resume from the Resume Database

Click on Manage Resume, complete the six screens and then click “Submit” to enter your resume into the database. If you wish to keep your resume confidential, select “Searchable Confidential” in section 1. This option prevents a company from viewing any of your identifying information. To remove your resume from the database, Click on Manage Resume, change your resume status to “Not Searchable” and click “Next” to save your change. 

Applying to Directorship Postings 

Click the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of a posting. You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to apply to that posting. If you click “Yes”, a copy of the resume you entered into Directors Source will be sent to the company. All of your contact information will be revealed to the company, even if you have your resume set as “Searchable Confidential”. 

View Postings You Applied to

You can keep track of Directorship postings you’ve applied to. Click “View Postings You Applied to” to review the date of the posting, the date you applied and the details of the posting.

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