About CPA Canada

The CICA and CMA Canada joined together January 1, 2013, to create CPA Canada as the national organization to support unification of the Canadian accounting profession under the CPA banner. Chartered Accountants, or CAs, are business professionals who generally work in four key areas. About 40% of CAs are in Public Practice, while the other 60% are employed in industry, government, or education.

Public Practice
All CPA Canada members, at some time during their career, work as advisors in public practice, providing accounting and business advice to clients in areas such as small business tax, audit, information technology, personal financial planning, business valuation, receivership, insolvency and forensic investigation.

Memberss who work in industry develop financial and administrative policies, analyze information, and provide strategic leadership. Members add value to organizations as CEO/President, Treasurer/V.P. Finance, Controller, or Systems Developer.

All levels of government require accounting expertise to guide financial planning and to maintain fiscal control. Federal and provincial departments, Crown corporations and a variety of health-care and welfare organizations employ CPA Canada members as tax auditors, policy planners and financial analysts.

Many members are educators who make a valuable contribution to society by teaching future leaders about business, values and ethics. Many of Canada's top educators are CPA Canada members.

CPA Canada members provide a wide range of services including:
  • Start-up counseling
  • Purchase and sale of business
  • Business valuations
  • Business planning and financial projections
  • Developing strategies for securing financing
  • Corporate and personal income tax planning
  • Information technology need analysis
  • Assurance (audits and reviews)
  • Preparation and analysis of financial information
  • Acting as Trustee for receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Developing management controls
  • Management consulting
  • Forensic accounting and litigation support