Directorship Education

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Directorship programs sponsored by the Institute of Corporate Directors (a CICA alliance partner), McMaster University and Altruvest Charitable Services, are described below:

1. The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD)

The Institute of Corporate Directors is the only membership association in Canada solely representing the profession of Directors. The ICD provides education, certification, publishing and support services to boards, Directors, aspiring Directors and organizations. It is dedicated to enhancing the quality of governance acumen that its members provide to the corporations they serve.

The ICD supports Director education through the ICD Corporate Governance College.

Certification for the ICD.D Designation

The profession of Director, like those of law and accounting, requires training, certification and continuing education to create better boards and ultimately, stronger companies.

There are three steps an applicant must complete prior to becoming certified (ICD.D):

  • Successful completion of the Directors Education Program given by the ICD Corporate Governance College.
  • Successful completion of the interview and oral test given by two ICD appointed examiners.
  • Signatory of the Certification Agreement and payment of applicable ICD fee.

A certified director must:

  • Maintain an active ICD membership.
  • Comply with the ICD’s Code of Conduct.
  • Agree to participate in ongoing governance education, a minimum of 14 hours per annum.
  • Hold a university degree or a college diploma or have experience deemed similar.
  • Have served as a director for two of the past five years; on a board that meets at least four times per year, has a minimum of three directors and is focused on governance rather than management.

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2. The Directors College

The Directors College - a joint venture of the Conference Board of Canada and The DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University - delivers a University accredited governance education and certification program: The Charter Director (C.Dir).

The program consists of 5 residential modules, providing flexible and off-site learning, focusing on behavioral and practical issues, to equip board members for their role as stewards of their organizations. The 5th module is a full board simulation unique to The Directors College and providing participants with an opportunity to experience a realistic board experience. Successful completion of all 5 modules and a rigorous 4 hour exam leads to the Chartered Director designation.

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3. Altruvest Charitable Services

BoardMatch Fundamentals introduces registered charities and not for profit organizations to talented, interested and informed individuals from diverse backgrounds, willing to share their enthusiasm and expertise by serving as members of the boards and board committees of charitable organizations. BoardMatch Fundamentals is a program of Altruvest Charitable Services, a registered charity.

Several organizations such as The Counselling Foundation of Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Citizenship-Volunteer @ction Online, and The Ontario Trillium Foundation support this program.

BoardMatch Fundamentals provides Board Member candidates the following orientation:

  • Board member candidates take a free 90-minute orientation over the Internet where they learn about the roles, responsibilities, duties and liabilities of board members. Limited in person orientations (two hour duration) are available in Toronto and Vancouver upon specific request.
  • Specific information provided includes the following:
    • Size, scope and funding of the voluntary sector.
    • Roles and responsibilities of board members including strategic planning, stewardship, fundraising, human resources, community relations and accountability.
    • Duties and liabilities of board members.
    • Guidelines for being an effective board member - demonstrating commitment to the organization and due diligence in carrying out duties.
  • A guest speaker from a participating organization also provides the agencies' perspective.
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